Nursing School does funny stuff to you....

  1. ok I gained like 50 pounds this semester too ( there is another thread about weight gain)....then yesterday , I was chewing gum while taking my exam ( sometimes this helps with my stess) then toward the end of the exam the gum I was chewing turned to this mushy consistancy that was no longer gum and I started to get scared because I didn't want to choke on my exam( litterally lol) so I swallowed it..I was wondering if It's possible that I was so stressed that stress hormones and my saliva turned the gum into this strange consistancy? or was I chewing it so fast that I actually made it go past it's "gum" breaking
    point? anyway this has never happened to me before.....all I Know is that nursing school is the most stressful thing I have ever had to do..don't know if my heart can handle it anymore! plus we're still waiting for our make it or break it final exam grades
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  3. by   heartofgold
    What kind of gum was it? Was it Winterfresh gum? When I was in nursing school the same thing would happen to me- after chewing it for a while, it would just turn to mush, I always thought it was just bad gum.. don't know why I keapt buying the stuff.
  4. by   mysterious_one
    my blood pressure was always fine, went to the doc today for a refill on my migraine meds. My blood pressure was 126/88 , still ok , I guess , but it used to be around 110/70 , always. And my final for first semester was last friday,I been off for 4 days now. I should have destressed by now, don't you think,
  5. by   srg4784
    chewing gum also causes gas, haha ......just sounds like bad gum. Happens to me sometimes with trident and orbit.
  6. by   locolorenzo22
    Yeah, I've learned not to chew anything during tests, cause when I get stressed, I start smacking it really loudly. However, I have learned that you get stressed, then mark D on a question where the choices are ABC. Instructors really don't want to give you a point on those ones!