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After struggling to get into nursing school (6 years, co-reqs plus pre-reqs while working) I finally succeeded! I started this fall and learned quickly how much more difficult it was than I could... Read More

  1. by   KarmenB
    I contacted the director of the school for advise regarding my checkoff (She was present at the last one) and she gave me good pointers regarding what I should work on. I did ask about the primary instructor being the primary for a second time at it~~my understanding it was supposed to be a different one (I had three instructors) but have yet to get a response on that question. I am not holding my breathe for a few reasons:
    #1--It is all said and done
    #2--I have no idea what it would mean in regards to my checkoff anyway (in fantasy land a 4th checkoff that I would surpass with rainbows! LOL)
    For now, I have enrolled in English Comp II~~I will need it for my BSN down the road and I feel it will keep me in focus/student mode while I continue practing my checkoffs as prep for next semester.
    I have only told a precious few at work regarding my situation--none of them will say anything unless I give the go ahead but they all agree it is no one's business and to just say that I am graduating in December/2014. (I know the question of "Aren't you a Level 2 now?" will probably come up next semester and I thinking I will take above advice from y'all and just say "Not yet, had to redo a few things to make sure I had it down right!" with a smile and leave it at that--Honest without a lot of detail)
    A bummer note: I got booted off of the social page for my prior class--I get it but it still was like getting grazed by a bullet, this just happened last week! I will definately keep posting/replying to it is really helpful and supportive!
  2. by   Sadala
    Meh. I'm not so good at keeping things under wraps, being one of those overly sincere sorts. So EVERYONE in my life (ok, so its not a huge group) knows how stressed I am. So if something happened with a class, I'd just be able to tell them, even the people with whom I work. And I guess I would sort of expect, if not their active support, at least some tacit understanding. Because if that happened to anyone else, I'd certainly be understanding and supportive. Anyway, a lot of times I'm harder on myself than other people are on me.

    By the way, you ALSO may be giving yourself a more difficult time than others would. Just sayin'
  3. by   bredenfam
    I agree! I'm still laughing about the kraken and as someone in nursing school currently that was awesome advice CP. I only wish you had mentioned something about psychotic instructors and I'd be set.