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Hello Everyone! I have recently decided, at 26 (almost 27), that I would like to become a nurse, eventually I would like to become a CRNA. But since I cannot put the cart before the horse - I have... Read More

  1. by   allthingsbright
    Hi! I am entering an LPN program and will bridge to ADN. I have to take the ASSET placement test and get an acceptable score on it, then the I can take the HOBET test. If I enter the bridge program within two yrs of getting my lpn, I don't have to sit for the NET. Anyway, I have some excellent study guides I am reviewing. Barrons "Nursing School Entrance Exam," "Algebra for Dummies" (LOL! :lol) Barron's "Forgotten Algerbra," and the NLN's "Review Guide for LPN/LVN Pre-entrance Exam." The guides cover english, mathmatics and science pretty thoroughly as an overview.

    I will be 30 this year and have really needed to review math/algebra. I take my placement test next week and am so nervous. Hope I make it! Good luck to you!