Nursing Position after Graduating

  1. Whenever you finished your Nursing Program, and obtaining the certificate to legally work as a nurse, was it hard to find a nursing position? Is that also competitive as well?
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  3. by   HouTx
    Many organizations will only hire new grads AFTER they have obtained a license because anyone who fails NCLEX has to be moved into an unlicensed role... and this is hugely difficult to manage.
  4. by   llg
    Yes, it is competitive -- particularly for the jobs that are most desirable/popular. If you want to get the most attractive job for the most attractive employer and have the best work schedule and make the most money ... it's very competitive. The people who get those jobs right out of school are either very lucky and/or they have been top students at the best schools and have done everything right to put themselves in the best position to beat the competition.

    Of course most new grads have to make a few compromises in those first few jobs and have to wait a while to get their "dream job."
  5. by   EDRN1
    The answer to that question totally depends on where you live and what kind of unit you want to work on. If you are willing to live anywhere and work in any department you will have no problem. The first people to get jobs out of school were the ones that already have jobs in the hospital. Get a job as unit secretary, tech, phleb, whatever it will greatly increase your chances of getting a job.
  6. by   gatorgirl8888
    I graduated in May of 2015 and was hired in a nurse residency program before graduation contingent on passing the NCLEX. I was hired in the ICU on the day shift. I did sign a contract to work for at least two years, but I got the unit and the shift that I wanted.