Nursing Investment Project? Help please.

  1. Have you all heard about this project that has been started? I am not sure but I guess nursing students are able to get money from private hospitals for their schooling. Does anyone know anything about this? How do I get started?
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  3. by   babynursewannab
    It's sort of like a scholarship/loan thing.

    Most hospitals require you sign a contract to work for them a year or two after graduation.

    Just ask around to all the hospitals in your area.
  4. by   sfsn
    You might also ask the nursing office or your advisor at your school. Or if your nursing program posts scholarships somewhere, some would probably be listed there.

    From what I've seen, many hospitals offer to pay a certain amount to you while you're in school, but then you are contracted to work for them for a certain period of time (most I've seen are 2 years) after you graduate.

    I think the application process is like it is for any other scholarship--fill out a form, write an essay, etc.

    Good luck!
  5. by   renerian
    My son is signing a contract to work for a hospital if they pay for his school. For every 6,000 they pay for his school he has to commit to 6 months work. They say it takes 18K for the BSN program. He really needed to do that or go with aid since of the seven people in my family, 5 are in college. Just not enough money to pay for everyone.........