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  1. Hey everyone! I hope you all had a nice Holiday! I have a question for anyone who has had to take the Nursing Asst exam to apply to nursing school.... For me to apply to the RN program, I have to be on the state registered nursing asst list. I have to take a 4 credit course and then pass the exam....

    I was told by a girl last week that it might be possible to test out of the course and just take the exam.... Does anyone know if this is true? I got online at Promissor and read some of the information.... the practice/sample exam seemed pretty easy and I'm afraid I'll be bored to tears if I have to take this course next summer.... 8 hrs a day M-Th for 3 weeks.... meaning I'd have to have my 3 kids in daycare all day for 3 weeks and I'm worried what that would cost... not to mention the money I could save by not having to pay for the tuition....

    Anyway.. I was wondering if anyone else has tested out of this exam.... I'm willing to buy the books and study prior to would just be really nice not to have to take the course..... or maybe that's just not an option??

    TIA for your help!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    this is a link to your official state nurse aide registry. you need to contact them or look for the answer to your question on their website.