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  1. I'm a sophmore nursing student who is tackling a huge 10 page assessment paper this week. I have all my patient information, but I have no clue how to set the paper up. They gave us a brief run down, but now as I try to write it i'm confused. Its APA style, and the thing I guess I need help with is the headings, and what is italized, and what is all this stuff about levels? Would anyone have a good assessment paper outline, or old paper I coulld look off? I even googled looking for one! Let me know! Thanks!!
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  3. by   justjenny
    Quote from FtMrsDocDom
    Would anyone have a good assessment paper outline, or old paper I coulld look off? I even googled looking for one! Let me know! Thanks!!

    May I suggest going to Google to look for help on APA style, rather than cheating on your paper. Yes, nursing school is hard but you will get through it...wouldn't you rather get through it on your own skills than copying off of others? (you can also be removed from your nursing program for cheating)

  4. by   FtMrsDocDom
    Whoa I didn't ask for a paper to copy so I can cheat. I'm looking for the correct format of the paper. As in, which headings under assessment are supposed to be indented, underlined etc. More like a stencil of the paper.
    PS. Its a little hard to copy a paper that is written on a patient that only I have? duh.
  5. by   Daytonite
    hi, ftmrsdocdom!

    i think that maybe this is what you are looking for. it is an instructional sheet with two sample write ups of history and physical exams from the university of california at san diego school of medicine. now, while this is for medical students, it's really not that much different for nursing students. i had to take a course in physical examination for my bsn and we learned assessment from the same textbook used by medical students. our write-ups were pretty much the same as well. hope you find this helpful. i think that in the end, whatever you decide to do for your formatting is your choice unless mla has specific guidelines on the kinds of fonts you have to use. i saw that one of the college libraries had a mla guideline sheet for students, but when i looked at it, only had to do with how to cite references in mla style. you may have to go to your school library to look at an actual mla handbook unless you want to put down to money to buy one for yourself.

    good luck with your paper! welcome to allnurses!
  6. by   mysterious_one
    I just had to write a paper from a journal article in APA style and I used the format from this Website , one of our teachers gave us, hope this helps.
  7. by   MySimplePlan
    That website in 'mysterious one's reply is dead-on what you need. This is EXACTLY what I turned in earlier this week, and I would have LOVED to have had this handy when I did my paper. Luckily, my title page was identical to the sample even had to have that weird 'Running Head' thing on it....weird, that.

    And, in no way did I get the impression you were looking to scam a paper. You just wanted to look at another's format to make sure you were on the right track. Nuttin' wrong with that, 'specially since it impacts your grade so much.

    Breathe, people.
  8. by   FtMrsDocDom
    Thank you for your help! That website is a lot easier to use then the APA book. I cannot believe how many points correct APA format is! Its crazy!!
  9. by   Race Mom
    I bought the program on and NEVER really have to worry about my papers being APA. It does it all for you! Best $40 I ever spent!!! They have a free 2 day trial. Use it for the next paper you write.

    If you want the discount they give you for having been referred, PM me and I will give you my email address to submit for the discount price.