Nursing and assessment

  1. Hello, i would be most grateful for your comments on "How does a nurse utilize a body of knowledge to inform assessment and to make clinical decisions".

    Thankyou, hope you are all ok.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    I think that, perhaps, what your instructors are looking for you to get at with this question is how assessment fits into the nursing process and is used to help a nurse make clinical decisions. So, in that regard, you need to know the steps of the nursing process and that "assessment" is the first step. Everything else in the process is based on the data that you gather about a patient in your assessment of them. Then, from your assessment you begin to sort out what their nursing problems are going to be. Those problems are what you are going to make clinical decisions about. Your nursing knowledge about how to treat different things will be what you draw from in making treatment decisions on how to treat the specific problems that each patient will have.

    Does that make sense to you? Does it sound like anything you've been learning about nursing in school so far?
  4. by   MM2007
    Thankyou, i understand now, really appreciate your help.