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What is a nurse extern permitted to do that a CNA cannot? I am applying for a summer job as a nurse extern, but haven't had an interview yet to ask these questions. Thanks! :p... Read More

  1. by   SN Gone Crazy
    This past Friday I went to a convocation for nursing students,at my school. There were several representitives from different hospitals in this and the surrounding areas. I talked to a couple of them and each hospital had their own policy. One hospital said they let their externs do everything except passing meds and IV starts. Another hospital said their externs are more like CNAs, however they also float from floor to floor. This allows the externs to see what area they might be interested in working, when they graduate and it also gives them the opportunity to attend any seminars, classes or even observe a procedures (surgeries, patient discharges, autopsies, etc...). Then another hospital said their externs could do everything but blood transfusions and IV starts. Which I don't understand why they can hang IV meds and start NG tubes & foleys!

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