Non-traditional student Transfer blues - page 2

I'm a non-traditional student who transferred from a 4 year college to a shorter nursing program. This college was geared more to non-traditional students and was an excellent college. I miss... Read More

  1. by   scrubs4bk
    I totally feel the same way Marie! I went to a huge University where I made such a variety of friends, and I became involved in a lot of extracurricular activities...I had to leave that to come to Nursing school after only 2 years - and I feel so cheated! Like you, I noticed that everyone already has their "cliques" and I don't really seem to fit into their lifestyle...and it's so hard to maintain friendships with my old college friends!

    I have made some nice friends here, but no one that I can really 'let myself go' with. I just keep reminding myself that life goes on, and this is just a step toward growing up and accepting reality. And besides, I don't have time for much of a social life anyways with all the schoolwork I've had! I do suggest getting involved in some way or another - surely, you're not the only one at your school with the same dilemma! I'll try to do the same

    Good luck!