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  1. Hello everyone,
    I'm going to be a junior in the fall for the BSN program. I'm on summer break so I was looking for a job. I recently applied to a hospital on friday June 8th. Today is Thursday the 14th. Almost a week has gone by since I dropped off my resume and application for a carepartner position (nurses aid), and yet I haven't recieved a call for an interview. I feel that my resume was pretty good. I was thinking about giving human resources a call regarding the status of my application but I don't know how long I should wait. I'm getting anxious and pre-occupied with that thought. Anybody know how long it usually takes to get a call, or how long I should wait?

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  3. by   JenKatt
    You should call! A week is enought time to wait. By calling you show how interested you are and get a leg up on the compitition. Call, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  4. by   mistersleepy
    I too am a nursing student and I have an HR background. I agree that it won't hurt to call but I wouldn't be too stressed either. Some people in HR think a week would be a quick response to a code, let alone an application.

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  5. by   shyviolet78
    Every HR is different. I've had some call me the next day, one I had to wait 4 weeks for. I recently accepted a job as a Unit Tech, and when I went for my initial interview, I overheard the HR interviewer telling the receptionist not to put in calls from students wanting to know about summer jobs, that it was a waste of time . Then she looked out and saw me, and said "Can I help you?" and I replied "I'm just a student here to waste your time." She was quite flustered .

    Anyway, I guess my point is, give 'em a call, it is their JOB to talk to potential employees. Don't get too worried about the delayed response time, HR sometimes has different priorities than the unit you applied to. The manager in the CCU I'll be working in was quite eager to hire me, even though the HR woman thought I was a waste of time.

    Good luck, hope you get the job !

  6. by   NVsGirl
    Thanks Guys!
    I guess I'll just wait and give then a call sometime next week and I'll let you know how it went. Wish me luck and pray for me that I at least get an interview!
  7. by   janleb
    I would call and inquire about the position you applied for. I recently applied for a nursing Tech position at a local hospital, so I could work and go to school. I had my instructor write a letter of recommendation. That might be something else that might help things along. I have an interview this coming Friday at 9 am. Good luck!!!!!!