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  1. Hey GUys and Gals,
    I have currently 6 months of school left and just got hired in the picu of a children's hospital. I was wondering if any one has any tips or hints that you could provide? Thanks
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  3. by   RNIAM
    What did you get hired as? you state that you still have six months to go? Just take everything one step at a time. Be a good listener. Do not gossip and good luck!
  4. by   Tiiki
    Absorb all you can. Don't ever be afraid to ask questions or seek help. Never do anything you are unsure of. Have confidence in your knowledge and skills, this confidence will be seen by your co-workers. Most of all, play nice!

  5. by   tattooednurse
    Hey rhona1 i got hired as a rn to start in jan thanks for the advice guys
  6. by   MPHkatie
    My best advice (as I am sure you will be a careful and concientious RN) is to really take a neutral stand even if it is apparent that one of your co-workers is disliked/disrespected by everyone. Be neutral, don't get involved with the politics of the place, it's easy to get sucked into it, easier than you think. The more neutral you can stay, the easier it will be.