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Good Evening Everyone!! I am new here and I thought I should introduce myself to everyone as a newcomer. I am Mary and I am on the first year of nursing school , I am just starting to knowing ... Read More

  1. by   /~MaryLuAn~/
    Hello Jacel, it is what I thought about, I think it could be very good for me. Those are very favorable condition, expecialy that I always find interest in listening people and like to spend time with them. Thank you it is very useful for me , all I should do now is to talk with my professor if they could accept my proposal of working as a volunteer- I would like this so much, but it is worth trying , I am glad to hear this news from you
  2. by   /~MaryLuAn~/
    Rayrae my last message is for You, I want to apologize You for writting wrong name there, my last answer was for you (above this message). Rayrae can You tell me some more about Certified Nursing Assistant Exem? I am sorry once again for mistake
  3. by   /~MaryLuAn~/
    Hello Rohna , nice to meet You , Thank you so much!
  4. by   JacelRN
    Hi MaryLuAn,

    I wanted to comment again for you. Working as a CNA is a great experience if you can manage the time. I worked as a CNA while going to school so when clinicals rolled around, I was better at just walking into the patient's room and introducing myself. I also learned valuable skills that I wouldn't have seen at school or in clinicals. Its doing the "dirty work" that lets you know what nursing is about.

    What I had to do to become a CNA was take a 2 week course for 8 hours each day in a room of about 30 people. It was intense and very structured. At the end of the 2 weeks I took a paper test on the material and skills taught and had to pass with a 75% I think it was. By the way, the hospital I worked for paid for this class.

    Good luck,

  5. by   /~MaryLuAn~/
    Hi Love-a-Nurse it is pleasure to meet You too. I must tell you that I realy like this place. Those who made this webside had very good idea , becasue so many people find a place here do develope their passion and still knowing something new. And atmosphere here is great.
  6. by   /~MaryLuAn~/
    Hello Cwazycwissy nice to know You too and Thank you for good wishes from You, it is realy kind of You!
  7. by   /~MaryLuAn~/
    Hi Jacel it is sometimes "dirty work" as you call it and not easy I don't deny. People right now chose comfortable work for example in office - where is calm, peacful, they are sitting next to the desk and don't have to bother about risk to catch maybe some disease. But I always wanted something more, like to have an active way of working. In this profession there is always something to do, but the most great thing is that I can give something from me to others in this case care and help for my patient, who need this the most. When i think about this I forget about "dirty work". It good thing to pass this exam, but I don't have a chance right know.
  8. by   /~MaryLuAn~/
    Is this CNA Exam is expencive?
  9. by   maire
    Welcome to the boards! You will find a lot of very friendly and helpful people here.
  10. by   /~MaryLuAn~/
    Hello Maire , thank you for good words , it is very nice to meet you.