1. Hi. My name is Melaney and am currently working towards my BSN. Started school in Fall of '03, took off 2 semesters due to father's illness, but still not very far along, I do have 71 credits so far, plus need all my nursing clinicals yet. Went to a college where they work the nursing students backwards, so that they cannot attend another school, to finish quickly. Am looking for a school where I can get all my nursing clinicals done this year, or as soon as I can. The school that I am at, says that I will not be able to graduate til Spring of '09. That's too long for me. NEED to get done! If anyone knows where I might be able to go, please let me know. Am a good student; have a GPA of 3.75 and am used to taking anywhere between 12-27 credit hours a semester. So am able to take on a large load if needed or if allowed. Thanks! And nice to meet you all! Mel
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    Depends...what nursing specific courses have you taken? Most programs wouldn't let you just do'd be clinicals and classes that correspond to those clinical settings....what have you done so far?