New Zealand Student Nurses

  1. Hi people, my name is Kylie Chaplin, I'm 27 years old and am currently study a Bachelor of Nursing degree,(BN, RN) in Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand.
    I was looking for some other student nurses who would be interested in making contact, just out of interest of what its like to be a student nurse in other countries ( I think we all go through the same stress!!!!), so drop me an email if your interested.
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  3. by   warrior woman
    Dear Kylie, My name is Theresa Pisarski and I am an LPN student here in the city of Luckey,Ohio located in the good ol U.S.A.!!! It's so exciting to hear from other countries especially when the people writing are in the field of nursing!! Write me and we'll swap stories. And while you're at it say hi to Lucy Lawless for me!! Take care, Warrior Woman.
  4. by   Kiwi Ali
    Hi Kylie, I'm in Kaitaia, doing a BHSc (Bachelor of Health Science, nursing) at Northland Polytechnic. Nearing the end of my 2nd year. Have completed Aged Care, Comunity Nursing, Medical, Mental (psychiatric) Health and have Surgical in 2 weeks. Next year is Maternal and Child Health and then electives.
    What is your course like and how far are you through it? I see yours is a BN not a BHSc.