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  1. Hey- anyone have any good ideas for a new user name for me? I think i can officially retire the "student" nurse name. thanks! amanda
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  3. by   fnimat1
    How about RNthesequel!!!! FabulousRN....can you tell I'm feeling giddy this morning.

    Fatima (whose still a
  4. by   Sleepyeyes

    (first 4 of your name...get it?)
    Okok, i'm known for bad wordplay...
    but that just leapt out at me....
    lol; have fun with it!
  5. by   BrandyBSN
    AmandaRN (pretty original, i know )

  6. by   delirium
    I like AmAnRN. I think that's pretty clever.
    If I ever graduate (next May) I think I'll change to RebelRN, because my nickname is 'Reb', and it fits my personality. (Never thought much of the status quo)
    Do you have a personal nick that maybe your family/friends/SO calls you? You could make something out of that... or how about thankgodschoolisover? Too long maybe.
    I know... SurvivorRN. You survived nursing school. Maybe you like Survivor on TV, although I'm over the bug eating stuff. Maybe you like Destiny's Child. It could have several meanings.
    I think it just has to mean something to you.

    Sheesh, I shouldn't have taken that diet pill. I can't shut the freak up now.

  7. by   studentnurse_02
    I like "AmAnRn" but i may wait till after i PASS boards to use that so i dont jinx myself! thank you everyone for helping! ~Amanda