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  1. As said before Im on the verge of changing careers at 31, 32 this fall. Im currently enrolled in the fall semester at my local college and plan to get into the nursing program. Nursing never really struck me as a career that I would be doing one day. Now after 10 years back breaking labor in the construction field I am going to give nursing a shot. The thing is I am drawn to the professionalism of the field and those that work in it....Im drawn to all the diversity in the field which I could choose to work....Im just not sure if once Im in the field I would enjoy it for the fact of what I read. This seems to be a field of passionate people. Im changing my career...I was passionate for it at one point but lost it due to coworkers and bosses over the years, now its the money is lousy and I have a family to support. Im just worried that Im not passionate about nursing....simply because its new and I dont know anything at this point about it. I feel like Im on the outside looking in at another world completely different than the one I know. When Im at a hospital I see the nurses doing they're jobs but I have no clue to how or what they are doing. They take my blood pressure but I dont know how they are getting the numbers or what the numbers mean. Its all very interesting and I would like to know how to do the things they do. Should I believe just as my interest grew with my gaining knowledge in the construction field that as I start nursing classes my interest will grow? I just dont know what to expect because I know nothing about the field other than it pays good and that is a draw to me just like Im sure it is to alot of other nurses. I know money isnt everything dont get me wrong, but it has its place because none of us would work for free. I just want to do something exciting and interesting with my life and get good pay and benefits for my family, but I get the feeling that nurses resent anyone who wants to get into nursing for the benefits and right now that all I have to go on.
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  3. by   wee_oneRN
    Nursing is such an interesting field. If you love science, or find it fascinating to see how things work you will love it. I just graduated from a 2-year RN program so we'll see how I feel in a few years, but I don't think I will ever be bored. My first passion is Psychology, I have my BA and was headed towards my Master's when I decided that Nursing offered more diversity and job security. I too was concerned that I would go through all of the studying and jumping through hoops just to find out that I don't even like being a nurse...but people are so interesting, and it is amazing to work with patients and families. Plus, the field really IS diverse, if you tire of med-surg you can work with children, teach, be an administrator, specialize in wound care, advance to NP, work for corporations, educate on prevention, and more.
    I think the trick is to know yourself and make a path that will work for you. Unlike the construction profession, you can change hospitals or career paths and it will not look bad on the resume or count against you (within reason, of course!). Something in your heart told you to take this risk, so go for it!
    Edit to add: Many nurses enter the field for the pay and benefits. At the beginning of each semester the teachers have everyone in the room introduce themselves and tell why they want to be a nurse. More than half (myself included) state that the pay, benefits and job security are the main reason for entering field.
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    I never envisioned myself being a nurse. I chose nursing because I knew I could find work being a nurse, it is a respected profession, and I will be able to support my family on the income. I am 34 years old and I am now finished with my first year of nursing and I must say that the more I learn about nursing the more I love it!

    I did not know anything about the medical field before nursing school so I can relate to you. In fact, I really didn't like being around sick people (because they can be so demanding) but my attitude toward nursing (and sick people)has changed so much since starting nursing school and doing clinicals.

    Before nursing school I figured I could work for an insurance company or in administration as a nurse so I didn't have to be around sick people, lol. It is strange though, once I started gaining an understanding of why people are experiencing their ailments or whatever, my attitude toward "sick people" drastically changed!

    I can't speak for you and tell you that you will love nursing. That is a risk/decision you will have to make on your own. I can say that for me, I am drawn to the nursing profession more and more each day. I wish you the best in whatever profession you decide to go into.
  5. by   thegiver
    Hi, Im about your age and changing lifes patterns in the fall. I never knew what "I wanted to be when I grow up" I went through hair styling, day care, retail... but it was when I got involved with working as an out reach worker, helping the disabled that I felt for the first time...pride in my job, in what I was doing, and knew that it was more than a JOB.
    Im not ashamed to say that the money attracts me too. Your right, no one would work for free, the greatest thing is if you can do something you love, that brings you happiness, and make money doing it. Thats my idea of success.

    Good luck to you