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So I have read several of the posts but they are a bit dated. I am thinking about a laptop where I can flip the screen and write on the screen and use the handwriting recogintion software. Does... Read More

  1. by   OriginalWingNut
    does the ipad have a word, excel, etc?
    I just need a device that will allow me to take notes, do homework, fiddle around on the internet. Like several people noted I retain more when I write but I type far faster than I write. I just want to make sure that I do well in school and I want to start off on the best foot.
  2. by   wildcatchristie
    If you like to write notes but cant write fast enough you can consider a Livescribe Echo or Pulse Smart pen. Go to they are having a special this weekend. i used it when i had to write out student responses during speech and language testing
  3. by   krsmarie
    I have a hp touchsmart tablet laptop bought it for nursing school because a lot of our work is online.. It's not worth the cost (800.00). It's slow and not always responsive to what you are writing. I bought a MacBook air a couple months ago and am in love with it. It's light and saves room in my bag for all the other nursing school junk. Once you get used to typing notes instead of writing them first it is sooo much easier. iPad might be a decent tablet but doesn't have the functionality of a real laptop.. I would only go that route if it's not going to be the only technology you use.
  4. by   OriginalWingNut
    Thank you for posting. This really makes me feel better about my decision. I have been looking at the Mac Book Pro and after reading that it makes me feel better about the choice I am going to make.
  5. by   DisneyNurseGal
    Ipad does not have the Microsoft Office programs, however you can buy Apple's wordprocessor, spreadsheet. Microsoft has an AWESOME program for note taking, it's called OneNote and there is a version of it on the iPad. I used to type my lectures in Word, but OneNote makes it so much easier to study and review. Download the trial on the Microsoft website, it's amazing! Anyone who uses Word for lectures... check out OneNote!

    Any presentation created in Powerpoint form CAN be opened on the iPad with a simple $10 app.

    Whatever you choose, make it lightweight and portable (books are heavy enough right?) For me, the iPad has worked out well. OneNote syncs with my Toshiba Laptop (which is heavy and I leave at home) and I can backup everything. I also bought the iPad keyboard to make typing easier.
  6. by   DisneyNurseGal
    I use a white board too, but I would be interested to hear how you use yours so maybe I can get some tips
  7. by   OriginalWingNut
    Quote from Stephalump
    I love whiteboarding! My mom found me a huge school-sized one at a thrift stir.
    I hung it up on a wall in my office it is my studying life saver.
    Although, I feel a bit like "A Beautiful Mind" when I'm writing frantically for hours. Minus the whole "genius" aspect.
    I do not have access to PM but I would really love to hear your suggestions on how you do this.
  8. by   ImKosher
    Yeah I one up the idea to start a new thread on your process of studying with a whiteboard
  9. by   IndyElmer
    Quote from ImKosher
    Yeah I one up the idea to start a new thread on your process of studying with a whiteboard
    Here you go --