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Hi all, I was just thinking that the other thread for those of us over 35 was getting a bit long so I figured it would be a good idea to start a new one. We may get even more people to join in if... Read More

  1. by   SomedayANurse
    Yes they are a joy and a handful! Sometimes I don't know who is
    in charge around here. I will just have to study for the PSB test as that is the only determining factor at my local school. GPA doesn't count for anything here. Have a wonderful day!
  2. by   Gotzfaith
    Originally posted by SomedayANurse
    I took some classes 11 years ago and again 6 years ago but now have to retake most of them.
    I did the same thing about ten years ago. I was in the ADN program, began having some personal problems, had to withdraw. I am now starting in August in a hospital based ADN program. Just like you I had to take some classes over again, but I must say that it has been worth the extra effort. I am so glad that I didn't give up on my dream, so will you! :hatparty: I will be 40 in September, working 30+ hours a week (LPN). We will all get through this, one day at a time!! :angel2:
  3. by   SomedayANurse
    :hatparty: Thanks for the encouragement Gotzfaith! I need it. The funny thing is I'm more afraid of taking English comp than
    any other courses! My vocabulary has been reduced to baby
    talk for so many years. Good luck on your RN, that is where I see myself in the future....
  4. by   CrisBirm
    Was 38 when started ADN program. Graduated 1999 and finished up BSN at 41. Better older and a RN than just older! Good luck to all who are back in school, you CAN do it! You are never too old to learn and will probably find out that you are a much more focused student now than when you were younger and certainly more than most of the "traditional" students.
  5. by   Catma63
    Gosh, I liked that line: Better older and an RN than just older. That was great, CrisBirm.....should be a bumper sticker, you know?
    I'm turning 40 in August, the same month I start Nursing I. If (WHYYYYY do I say "If"..."When", right, When!) I survive the next two years I'll be done and......OMG......A NURSE!!!