New nursing school student or hopeful

  1. Hi. I am hopeful that I will start nursing school this fall. I have applied, for both an RN program, as well as an LPN program. I hope if I don't get into one, then I will the other. I have two children and am wondering if there are any other, soon to be nursing students reading this bb?
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  3. by   highasthesky
    Hi Rhona- I live in Tennessee, and I too, will be starting in July. I'm only going for the LPN program to begin with, I have 3 children so I'm trying not to tackle too much at once. I'm just hoping I can survive this! I'm so excited, but so nervous too! (Hoping I haven't forgotten how to learn! Teehee) When will you find out for sure? Don't let the anxiety drive you nuts like it did me! Good luck! Sandy
  4. by   RNIAM
    Thanks alot for answering my post. I have to take intro to chemistry and algebra1 this spring and submit those grads and then i will find out. my application has been in for two years now.I am nervous and excited as well. The above is for the RN program. I just learned of Boces LPN program,so i am checking that out now.
    I hope we can keep in touch.