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Hi I am new here. My name is Kelly. I am hoping to start my pre reqs for an adn program in spring. Any advice or info you have would be greatly appreciated because I am clueless and between work... Read More

  1. by   wishingmary
    All great advice. Listen to the suggestion to learn the language. Having medical transcription as a background has been great for me. Get your non-nursing courses out of the way but two that has not been mentioned is to join SNA and invest in NCLEX books (CD's are best). Nursing theory exams are nothing like you have ever seen before. The buzz word is "critical thinking". NCLEX will help prepare you for your exams as well as for the ultimate goal of a nursing student NCLEX. I'm starting my final year next month, work 20 hours a week in the MICU, raising a 4 & 7 year old who are doing well in school, and am in the middle of a divorce but I'm maintaining a 3.1 GPA. Granted I am relying on my nursing courses and sciences to bring up bad grades from 20 years ago but I've got my eye on grad school. I owe it to taking physiology by itself, anatomy by itself, my parents, having ADHD, and NCLEX. Also it helped to really get to know my nursing instructors. Being connected to excellence, and being active in SNA have been great sources of support. Note the NSNA convention in Phoenix, AZ this April.
  2. by   Love-A-Nurse
    kelly, welcome.