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  1. hello, everyone. this is my first time writing in this forum. i have SEVERAL questions i want to ask...and hopes to get the best advices back. i would reallly appreciate it. i am extremely interested in nursing and would like to start studying it after i graduate(in two years). i am majoring in something that has nothing to do with nursing...and have no prerequisite that are required before i enter the nursing world. i will have a BA when i graduate. am i suppose to take the prerequisite classes before i apply for nursing schools? if yes, where would i take those classes? do i have to go to an undergraduate college for nursing? or can i get into graduate school? i know i may be asking the dumbest questions....but i am soooooooooo lost. the more and more i research, the more and more confused i get. i thought asking here would be a start....because many of you are nurses and/or studying nursing. it would mean so much to me if you would explain to me what i need to do before i get into nursing school. thank you soooooooooo much.
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  3. by   Robin61970
    Is there a nursing program where you go to school? If not where is the closest? Maybe a visit with an advisor there would be in order. At my college they have it set up where you can take your pre-reqs with the program, BUT it is not recommended at all. I am currently taking my pre-reqs now. I would suggest calling and making an appointment with an advisor at the nursing school and taking a copy of your transcript along with you......The ones at my school are very helpful.....I hope it is that way everywhere, but then I will be fooling myself....Hope that helps some...there are many others here who can offer better advice than I so hopefully some of them will answer.......
  4. by   Katnip
    The best thing to do is check with a nursing schools you're interested in. Mine required that all prereqs were finsihed before registration.

    You'll need your BSN before an MSN. At least everywhere I've seen, but some schools have programs where you can do both at the same time.

    Look around, and good luck to you.
  5. by   pixxel
    I don't know how it would work at other schools, but a few of my classmates are going the same route as you are.. At my school, you can have a BA in anything and still apply to the 'fast track to BSN' program - you just have to have taken certain core classes like A&P, chem, micro, and a few others...
    Each school is different, so I can't stress enough the importance of talking to advisors - I personally think they are worth their weight in gold when it comes to the whole application process - especially when you find the "right one" at your school.... I love mine and would go crazy without her!
  6. by   fergus51
    Several posters have posted about taking a Masters in nursing after having completed a Bachelors in a non-nursing field. I believe the programs were about 2 or 3 years and you graduated with a Masters degree. If you search the old topics you may be able to find more information because I have no idea what schools offer this program or how much it costs.