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hey all you beatiful people, i was just curious about something and wondered if anyone could agree with me or have some insight. i am very passionate about my choice to become a nurse. i am so... Read More

  1. by   KatieBelle
    We have dummies in the lab...but we also gave ourselves a shot of saline SC! I gave it in the stomach and it didn't even hurt. So I was really happy to have it over and I start giving real shots to patients actually tomorrow!
  2. by   career seeker
    I used to be deathly afraid of any needles and would black out if my blood was drawn. This was one of the reasons I stayed away form nursing in the first place.

    At the begining of my training as an EMT-2 we made 2 IV attempts on the fake arm and then were truned loose on eachother. I was so facinated on watching other's technique and offer advice that I got over my fear (I still don't like it but I can handle it now

    Good luck!