1. hi everybody I am a student nurse in the home stretch, 2 months to go until consolidation I have given few sc but have not had the opportunity to give IMs. I am very nervous about handling needles PERIOD! any tips on overcoming my fears
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  3. by   Vsummer1
    I think the only thing is practice, practice, practice. I had to give myself shots 3 times a week for 48 weeks, and at first I wasn't so great. By the end of it, it was no big deal!
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    Focus on procedure and not the fact you are about to stick helps me.
  6. by   catch33er
    Just remember the procedure, position them so their muscle is relaxed, and that they might be more scared than you are. You can make it a great experience for them so they aren't so frightened next time.
    I think a little fear of needles is a good thing, as long as it doesn't paralyze you.

    And breathe. Sometimes I'd have them exhale through their mouth just as I'd give the shot, and I'd do the same. It helped!
  7. by   StudentSandra
    Remember, shots are like presents, better to give than receive.