Need to Vent.....

  1. We have a student in my class that spends so much time talking that he/she misses what is being said. This person will then ask the instructor to explain it again, and once the instructor starts to talk again, this person will start talking to the person next to them again. This is not quiet whisper talking, but full-out regular to loud volume having a conversation. I'm not trying to say that I am not guilty of leaning over to the person next to me and talking a bit during class. I am however, very quiet about it and do not do it right after I have asked the instructor to take time out and explain something to me again because I missed it the first time because I was talking.

    This individual also claimed that they did not know how to begin a Head to Toe assessment. I'm sorry, it's a HEAD to toe assessment, so where do you think that you might begin? Perhaps if you could keep yourself quiet for just a little while you would hear what you are being taught, or perhaps reading your book might help. Just some helpful advice....grrrr, what I would not give to actually have the guts to say that to this person.

    Then there is the person who needs to be correct all the time. This person will ARGUE with the instructor about a wrong answer they gave during lecture. First, this is not an exam question, you are not getting points for this. Second, there is a reason that they are the instructor and you are the student. I'm not saying that instructors are never wrong, but to think that as a student that you are never wrong is just ludicrous. If you know so much, then go take the NCLEX and let the rest of us learn in peace!!

    Sorry, I'm just a little frustrated....need this semester to be over so I can have a summer break and put some distance between myself and those that I am ready to stick a pencil in their eye!!!

    thanks for listening to (reading) my vent!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    regarding the student who talks all the time. . .your frustration is misplaced. the person you should be frustrated with is the instructor for not controlling this student and allowing them to remain loud and uncontrolled during class time and then becoming a victim of this student's manipulative tactics. i would talk to the instructor privately about this and point out how this student is disruptive during class and manipulating the instructor's time and ask why the instructor permits that.

    i wouldn't be too quick to get upset with the one who wants to be correct all the time. their efforts may get you a better grade on an exam some day.