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  1. Determining client centered outcomes is essetial to the nursing process, which ensure that lient will have holistic and individualized care plan.Being able to clearly describe what beneficial results you expect to observe in you client and at what point you expect to see these results helps you (nurse)
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    Are you trying to pose a question?
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    Quote from oMerMero
    Are you trying to pose a question?

    Yes, This my question.
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    nikks. . .patient outcomes are nothing more than your predictions of how the patient is going to react to your nursing interventions.

    that statement that you posted has to do with the care planning process. the steps of the care planning process are:
    1. assessment (collect data)
    2. nursing diagnosis (group your assessment data, shop and match your abnormal assessment data to likely nursing diagnoses, decide on the nursing diagnosis to use)
    3. planning (write measurable goals/outcomes and nursing interventions)
    4. implementation (initiate the care plan)
    5. evaluation (determine if goals/outcomes have been met)
    just about everything in a care plan is based upon your initial assessment of the patient and what you found was abnormal about the assessment. you apply your nursing interventions to these abnormal things and predict outcomes that will:
    • improve the patient's condition
    • stabilize the patient's condition
    • support the deterioration of the patient's condition