need RN's experienced viewpoint!

  1. hi!
    my name is meghan and im 21.....i just started nursing and i was wondering if any RN was interested in corresponding with would require you to fill out a form and email it back to me (a letter of consent) i am doing this partly for school and partly to get an RN's perspective and view on the nursing profession!.....i would really appreciate someone taking the time to talk with me as i havent had any luck finding someone and i know RN's dont have much that is why it would be so important to me to find someone...i appreciate it!
    -Thank you to everyone that responded!! i will no longer need you guys to reply as i have found someone to correspond with!
    thanks for considering!
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  3. by   NorthER,RN
    Hi Meghan. I am a nurse working in Canada. I graduated 5 years ago and have worked in a few critical care areas and now work in ER. If you would like my email address please personal message me.
  4. by   renerian
    PM me and I will give you my email addy...that is if your still looking for someone to correspond with.