Need help to buy a new computer system

  1. Hi!

    I am still using a 4+ year old computer. Finally I can afford to buy a new one, I am so happy!

    I am thinking of buying a desk top for home, and may be a palm to be used in school/hospital. Or should I buy something that I can carry with me instead of a desk top?

    I know very little about shopping for the best computer for a nursing student who has 3 more semesters to go, and may need to take some online classes during my final semester. What is the best system? Thank you in advance!

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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    and welcome, cristina! i just purchased a computer myself and had the help of some wonderful people at allnurse. the thread is locataed on the second page of this board, i believe, but i will go and try to find it for you.
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    [font=courier]cristina, i brought the thread back up for you to view. it is entitled, "computers".
  5. by   Cristina
    Thank You Stephany! I read through all the posts and think I will log on to dell to find out what I need.

    Since many wrote about future 'upgrades', should I just add more memory and hard drive now so I don't need to worry about it later?

    Thank you for sharing,
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by cristina
    thank you stephany! i read through all the posts and think i will log on to dell to find out what i need.

    since many wrote about future 'upgrades', should i just add more memory and hard drive now so i don't need to worry about it later?

    thank you for sharing,
    now, you are asking the wrong person, because i am learning too. i do know that with the service provider i have, it up-grades periodically. now there are many others who may be able to assist you in you computer needs. hope to see more of you!
  7. by   Nycole
    If you have the money to upgrade it is far cheaper to order the new system with the upgrades then going back later. Depending on what it already has. You can expect to at least double what it will cost you now to do it later.

  8. by   Cristina
    Thank you Stephany & Nycole! I am feeling a little lost in the choices, and am very thankful of the help

    I went to the Dell site, the most powerful one is model #8200. The next down is #4500. They offer a monthly payment plan. Not sure I will need the higher model, because I don't do the movie editing it will enable me to do. But the extra power may help my puter to last longer?

    The inexpensive (no name) flat panel monitor of my neighbor hurts my eyes when I sit in front of it for extended time. I hope the dell one will be better.

    The non-flat panel monitor I am using with my old computer doesn't seem to hurt my eyes. I hope you can share some advice on the subject if you have a moment.

    Thanks a million!
  9. by   Cristina
    Thank you Stephany and Nycole! I feel so lost on this subject and am very happy with the advice.