Need help please.....

  1. Can anyone recommend a care plan book to use for L&D? Mainly for the mother, but with some information on the newborn. I have a general care plan book but nothing really fits. I'm starting my rotation in about 3 weeks and from what everyone's telling me from this first rotation the instructor was &^%$$***^ about their care plans, I want to avoid that as much as possible. Any help will be appreciated.

    I looked online at Barnes and Nobles and they had one book put out in 1999, not sure what it has to offer and wanted some input before I spend the $$ on one.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Unless you're planning on spending a whole semester in L&D, buying a specific book might be a waste of dough. Care plans and the diagnoses you will use in them cover all aspects of nursing care. There are the obvious specifics due to the situation, but really, you don't need one just for L&D in my opinion.
    For example, anyone in the hospital could be at risk for altered mucous membranes, related to insufficient fluid intake. That one, included in many of my care plans, always got a great comment because people forget about that part of the body. Just one example. My rotation care plans focused on the patient not just on the fact she was pregnant or postpartum. Your general book would cover many aspects of her care..... hope it helps!
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    Good advice above. There were times when I needed a little help and I came across, really helpful site.
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    Hi Sandy!!
    When I took Maternal/Child, our textbook for the course had nursing dx. that went along with the mother condition/term of pregnancy. Interventions w/ rationales were also in the book, just had to really look for them. Being in school and on a tight budget I'd hate to see anyone have to buy another book,
    only to use 1 semester. Good Luck to you and just relax, OB really can be a lot of fun.