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  1. Hey everyone this is the 1st time I have posted. I am in my mental health rotation and I have to do this Town Hall assignment. I need examples of how nurses are specially prepared to handle ethical dilemmas, and some examples from clinical facilities. Also if you know of any good websites that could help me out. Thanx
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  3. by   carlalogan
    I'm sorry but I don't know of any...i just didn't want your post to hang out there with no replies I don't even start official nursing school until the fall.
  4. by   Forevermomof5
    Just for the info...I would post this question on general nursing discussions or another one. Just not on student nursing since we all haven't had any "real" nursing experience.
    Good Luck!
  5. by   laurab2jb2

    I just finished my psych rotation, but have no idea what a Town Hall assignment is!!

    As far as the ethical part is concerned, with psych, it is pretty much like any other part of nursing (patient confidentiality, etc.), except that you are not to keep secrets from other staff members (psych pts will sometimes ask this of you), particularly if it involves any plans to harm themselves/others. I can't remember the name of the law, but there is one that requires nurses to alert persons if there has been a threat of harm by a psych patient. That could get touchy, so be sure to enlist the help of others in this decision.

    Our code of ethics can be found in the ANA Nurse Practice Act. That is the clearest code of ethics I have seen.

    Good luck on your assignment!