need assistance

  1. hi everybody,
    im a general nursing 1st year student.can ay one plz tell about
    a good site with nursing procedures detail like sponge bath n
    mouth care n differents position used during medical examination .
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  3. by   Daytonite
    hi, vampiree. . .it's very hard to find these on the internet these days because so many schools have protected this information by placing special access codes on it, if it is even on the internet. make sure you check the "sticky" threads at the beginning of the list of threads for this forum as well as the nursing student assistant forum. many of these threads with "stickys" have weblinks in them of helpful sites for students to go to. - health assessment resources, techniques, and forms (in nursing student assistance forum) - index of video lectures on nursing procedures. iv piggyback meds, trach cleaning, catheters, injections, starting ivs, and ng tube insertion. - basic nursing skills. a page of links into these procedures: measuring intake and output, sterile technique, urinary catheterization, application of heat and cold, enema administration, wound packing, gloving, and vital sign measurements. and - from harrisburg area community college videos of nursing procedures. click the "videos" link on the left side of the page.
  4. by   sheraz86
    thank's alot.