Need an RN for clinical help

  1. Hi, it has been quite a while.................sorry but I have been tooo busy. Which i am sure you can relate. I am second yr, we have 2 patient, total care for each+meds and IV also now. Looking at the git go I thought it wouldn't be to sister is a nurse and said I told you so. Any seasoned nurses out there have any tips for organizing patient care. Any tips of the trade would be very appreciated. I usually don't get overwhelmed, but this was hectic and today after clinicals I was so mentally drained I took a 3 hour nap!!!!!
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  3. by   wsiab
    You could try including mapping out your tasks for the day in your prep work. We had an instructor that used to include a schedule section in our prep sheets. Write down all of the things that have to be done at specific times the night before and start thinking about how you are going to arrange everything else.

    And don't worry, everyone has clinical days where you come home exausted. Hang in there