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  1. I am 21 and just failed out of my second nursing program. My first one was at an unlicensed for-profit school, it's was just starting up and a complete nightmare. When I left, I went to the small community college I wanted to go to in the first place. I did a year of pre-reqs and applied. When I got in I was so happy, starting over really made me feel that I was on the right path. I got though fundamentals, and couldn't wait for my OB rotation(8wks). I started off great but slowly started to fall. I had a lot of personal stress into life am thought it was handled. At the final time, I was just barely passing, I studied for hours and hours and hours, but knew all my study was no good when I walked out. The next day I saw my final score was below our 80% requirement. I cried and cried, was so anger that's efforts were for nothing. Then I received an email saying I can continue with MedSurg for 8wks, but it counts as my one restart. And then reapply for next spring. Basically adding a year to a two year program. Or just leave. My heart is honestly broken and I don't know if I can take another go around, but I know I want to be a nurse. Please help.
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  3. by   patiently-waiting
    I think that if nursing is your passion you should keep going. You have the hardest part down getting in. No matter if it takes another year it will be nothing in comparison to a lifetime of helping people.
  4. by   MadeNew
    Continue with the restart, and focus on your work. It's o.k if your have to stay in the program a little longer. At least you get a chance at finishing. Just imagine what you would be doing if you quit? Sometimes working our way up from the lowest point is the best thing to get us to appreciate the opportunity and take full advantage of what we have. Think about it, there are some students who can't get into a program, and would love to have your spot in spite of the extra time. Value your position and try not to allow personal stress to develop into a nursing school nightmare.
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Perhaps make an appointment with one of the nursing academic advisors to determine a strategic plan for success so that your one "re-start" won't be wasted. Not everyone is offered a second chance to complete nursing schools. Some schools if you fail a 'specialty' class such as OB you are done with no opportunity for re-entry.

    You may have difficulties applying and gaining acceptance to yet another program which could be more frustrating than adding another 12-24 months to your current program.