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I begin school in two weeks and would like some suggestions for studying Anatomy & Physiology. I want to do well in this class but I am not a good studyer. Does anyone have any good ideas for... Read More

  1. by   nontrad1964

    Long before I went to school I bought a cheap scanner cause thought would be useful to copy stuff for home and such. I found this a life saver for A&P.

    I scanned my diagrams and then erased teh names of the bones or heart parts and such for other organs on the diagrams. I saved them on a floppy and printed them in teh PC lab since I paid for its use in my fees so would use the schools ink instead of mine. Adn at comprehensive final time I reprinted them to test myself again to see what I did and did not know. That was the best feature of the system, it let me know what I did not know. I never guessed on a part I did not know but looked it up so would not get teh wrong answer stuck in my head.

    IN addition that that, I placed an original unaltered scanned copy in a binder in sheet protectores with my notes typed up related to that particular organ on the opposite side so I could read about the fnx and definition while looking at the parts the teacher told about. It was not real time conusuming at all compared to flipping through pages of a book and notes to prepare for a test.

    Yes, I am anal about studying, but got 100% on the final so the method worded for me. And I still pull out my binder to this day when studying for other classes since it is all so organized and neat and easily accessable.