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  1. Sorry it took me so long to come up with this... but it occurred to me this morning that if were to supply those of us going to the NSNA National Convention in Nashville (NEXT WEEK!) with T-shirts, *that* would be a way to identify each other AND promote this awesome website. I know I'd promise to wear mine on any given day Brian asked me to. I might even wear it a couple of days!

    Just a thought... I'll PM Brian and see if he's open to considering it... but you'll have to post a reply here (not with your address or anything) saying you're going to Nashville for the Convention and that you'd be willing to sport the shirt. Deal? Thanks!

    PS we'll have to move quickly on this or we'll never get the shirts in time (unless will be there with a booth).
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  3. by   Brian
    While I like the idea of members wearing shirts at the conference, we do not have the resources to send out free tshirts Also, we are not going to have a booth at the conference this year, maybe next year.

    All of you are welcome to purchase tshirts and other products at: