My route to MSN?

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    I am a future nurse with the eventual goal of becoming an NP. I have a degree in psychology and am looking forward to attending a 2 year excellerated program. I am wondering about program selection advice(I want to work in an emergency setting eventually) as well as financial aide advice/services/websights. . .etc. I hope to attend in California, but I know there are other great schools all through the US that offer accelerated MSN programs for non-RN's. I was just hoping anyone with experience dealing with this could let me know any valuable information/tips/tricks for dealing with this lengthy/exausting process. I have done plenty of research on my own, but am starting to feel like I am reinventing the wheel. If this jars any nuggets of info loose from your own experiences I would appreciate the heads up.

    Thank you

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  3. by   moonshadeau
    A good website to check out is
    This website has information about every nursing program known to man. Good Luck
  4. by   jovolio
    thanks for the post

    However Ive been there, and then some.

    I was just hoping someone might have some personal experience with this since, the pathway programs for non-nurses to MSN are still fairly new.

    Thanks again