My numbers on the waiting list - page 2

I was #8 in line this morning at 5:42am. When the doors opened at 8am I was number #128 on the waiting list to get into the RN program! So there was 120 waiting from last semester still. I may have a... Read More

  1. by   bob007cat
    Godd juck on geting in. My school starts fresh ea. year I was lucky and got in on my first try but there were over 600 applications and they only accepted about 70
  2. by   essarge
    Last year our school had NO waiting list and an open enrollment. This year they only accepted 40 students. I can only imagine the stress of waiting to see if you were accepted or if enough people "drop" so you can start. It's too bad that the ones that have opted to attend somewhere else don't notify the school so that they can bump the list!!