My meeting with the director of nursing...

  1. I promised Truly Blessed that I would share every minute detail of everything that I'm going through with the nursing school program, since I'm starting before her. :chuckle

    I had my meeting with the director of the nursing school. She went through the rules ... must show up for class, can get kicked out for bad behavior, not showing up, etc. I have to show up for orientation next week.

    I have these additional fees to take care of:

    TB titer (2 step)
    MMR vaccine
    Rubella titer (if I can't prove that I'm immune, which I think I can)
    Hep B series
    Physical Exam
    Criminal Backgroun Investigation
    Drug screen
    Ohio Board of Nursing Application
    NClex test
    Student Uniforms and Supplies

    This adds up to almost $800 in additional fees. I will be able to worry about some of these expenses later in the year.

    Classes start July 14. I am in the part time program. For each hour of class, I am expected to spend an hour studying. The program is 16 hours of class time.

    I need to purchase a stethoscope and scissors.

    She discussed classes with me, explaining that I would get all of my syllabi at orientation. In the part time program, we do one class at a time. We are starting with A&P.

    Clinicals are done at 4 different hospitals. Some are close, while others are pretty far away. I will be responsible to pick up my patient assignment the evening before my clinical. I will be expected to write everything about my patients care plan out that evening, to be submitted to my instructor the next day. I will then have that patient for the day. (this is a bit unnerving).

    I had to sign papers, discuss any concerns with her, and found out that there is a counselor for the nursing students, if needed.

    That's about it until next week for orientation! I hope this was helpful to those who are still waiting!
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  3. by   HisTreasure
    How exciting! I can't wait until next Wednesday for registration. I don't know when Orientation is. Maybe the day before classes (June 21)?