My BEST clinical day SO FAR.

  1. I was scheduled to be in dialysis ...

    I wasn't looking forward to it ... all my fellow student nurses said "Oh but you'll relax"

    It was completely amazing though, I was with the RN in the ICU the entire time performing the hemodialysis treatments. The ICU was such an amazing ... yet sad ... yet confusing place ... as a second semester nursing student, I was completely overwhelmed ... I kept it together though ... I learned SO much today. Honestly, a great day. I want to write a letter to the DON or someone who oversees those nurses... amazing and willing teachers when their job is NOT to teach me but to care for their patients. Always asking me ... getting me to reason ... not just handing me out answers. <3 <3 <3
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  3. by   Skips
    Glad you had a good day! My absolute best day of clinical so far was actually today. I went to the OR, and it was pretty much an amazing experience.