Missing orientation day - How to make a good impression?

  1. Hi all! I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to start a nursing program in the fall. However, when I got my acceptance letter in the mail, I realized the orientation day overlapped with study abroad plans I had made. I thought about it a lot before deciding that I would really rather not cancel my study abroad plans to attend the orientation day. I was able to negotiate with my advisor to miss the day, but I feel that I'm off to a bad start by missing out on it.

    I really want to have a good experience in nursing school and build a positive relationship with my advisor, faculty, etc. How would you recommend to handle missing orientation day? They are going to send me the information by email and have me make up any missed logistical stuff (badge, etc) during the first week of class. Any advice on how to handle being the "odd one out" who missed orientation, make it convenient for the program, or just generally make a good impression in this situation?

    Thank you for any advice you have!!
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  3. by   AOx1
    Can you find classmates on Facebook, or are you in touch with any in person? In addition o the information you'll receive from the school, this might help you pick up anything you missed. Also, maybe a friend could tape orientation for you, with permission. Just stay on top of all your deadlines. If a student missed orientation for a great reason like yours, but still met all deadlines, I wouldn't fault them.