Mind Maps Anyone?? (m)

  1. Does your school do mind maps? At first I was totally comfused about them, but after doing them in class for the last 2 days I kind of like them. We got an assignment to do one and it;s due next Friday. The disease I got was AAA. Oh My !!! So they tell us there is no right or wrong way to do them, but the more creative and colorful the better. Ok I am the MOST NON CREATIVE PERSON EVER! LOL! It has to be on poster board, a small one. We also have to onclude the nursing process and one nursing diagnosis as part of this. They tell us that once we start clinical (Dec 12th) then we will actually get a REAL patient to do one on! Yikes! We will also have care plans to do. (THis is an LVN program by the way, I understand that LVN programs usually don't do these things!) Not that I mind.

    So any ideas, tips, secrets, good web sites I can get info on the Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm???
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  3. by   RNinJune2007
    Hey! These were tough for me to, at first to grasp. They call ours "critical thinking maps." Anyways if you Private Message me I'd be happy to send you an example of mine. And, when I print it out, I cluster the alike things and then color them the same color. they usually look creative :-D

    good luck!