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Hello everyone, thanks in advance for listening its gonna be a long one. I have a BS in biology and planned on taking a few classes this summer, two online, and anatomy and physiology at HACC. Then... Read More

  1. by   god-is-love

    I just want to be honest it does sound like your boss is being a complete jerk, but on the other hand it did seem as though she was trying to help you. I am not sure what level you are on as far as your pre-requisits, but most nursing students end up quiting their job and going part-time. I understand it is only for a limited amount of time u need, but many employers are very weary of hiring students for this exact reason. Being a nursing student makes the situation even more difficult. There is so much time and energy that has to be put towards successfully completling each class. There is so much competetion out here for entrance into the program. It all depends on how serious you are. My recommendation would be for you to go part-time and remain part-time because this will definitely happen again. This way you will have a secure job and be able to take more classes and have freedom to schedule around your job and you can pick up extra hours around your break. I don't find that too bad but I don't know your financial situation. Most nursing students work part-time or work at a job that allows them to work and study alot (flexibility). I worked as a substitute teacher while I was taking my pre-requisits and was allowed to make my own schedule and study @ work. I never would have aced all of my classes working a 9-5 and having a 6 year old @ home. My program starts May 18th my last day is next friday. I could work up until the program starts, but that would not benifit the company to keep me that long and sometimes you have to keep the company in mind especially if you want to leave on a positive note.

    For future reference I would not be too eager to tell employers of your educational advancements. Many people are envious of students and people bettering themselves. Especially with the way the economy is and how they are glorifying and praising the field of nursing. I don't know your bosses background but your situation is in her hands and she may be using that for the wrong reasons which is very unfortunate. If I were you in the future I would just use those dates I need off for school as vacation time it is none of their business why you are taking the time off you have it available. I think you just gave TMI. After reading this site I think my lips will remain sealed and I am gonna watch many things I spill to my employer and employees even after I am a nurse and in the hospital. You would think getting an education and advancing your skills would be praised but I see alot of persecution of students especially nursing students.

    Best of Luck & GOD BLESS :heartbeat
  2. by   schroeders_piano
    I'll just start by saying I'm going to be harsh. You are calling your boss unreasonable. It's not your boss that is unreasonable, it is you. Your boss has offered you many choices in order to help you attend school. It is you that has to make the choice whether to work it or not. Having been a supervisor/manager, I can tell you I experience scheduling problems many times with employees that were in school. I did what I could to work the schedule out to help them, but in the end I still had a schedule to make, I still had shifts that needed to be covered and sometimes that meant I had to terminate an employee(who was unwilling to change their normal hours) or transfer them to another department that could work around their schedule. I didn't want to do it, but I had a department to run.

    Working 8-8 may not be ideal, but it will allow you to go to school and still get your hours that you need. I, like many nurses on this board, worked while in nursing school. I worked 12 hour night shifts every Fri, Sat, and Sun while I was in school. I got off work Mon morning and headed straight to class. I had class all day Mon-Thurs and then spent Fri before work doing homework and careplans. Did I like the hours I worked? No. Did I have a horrible job where everything that needed to be done fell on me? Yes. I am going to let you in on a big secret, when you become a nurse you might possibly find yourself working hours that you don't like, in jobs that are horrible, and being blamed for everything that is going wrong on your unit.
  3. by   Lefty Lou
    I have a previous BS in Biology/chemistry so the classes I need to take for the ABSN programs are minimal. I need, soc, psych, AnP I and II. The soc and psych im taking online so the only classes I acutally need to go to the campus for would be AnP I and II. I would have to agree with you about the school situation. If I hadnt told her it was for school, im sure I could have used vacation time and it would have been ok, because like i said everyone in the office has off for a least a week this summer and a few people have two weeks straight.

    As for people saying she is trying to help me and gave me SO many options its not true. She did offer the 1130-8 so I could go to class and still work full time, but the NEXT day she took it back and said someone else is getting those hours so my only option would be to take theirs which is 1230-430. I emailed her yesterday because she told me she wants a decision by tomorrow (friday), and I said, so my only option is the 1230-430 part time. She said yes. I emailed my coworker who is switching her hours from the 1230-430 to the 330-8. She replied and said that our boss gave her the 'run around' too and told me the reason shes switching is because she wants to go to LPN school, then she said, but dont tell anyone ok? So im not sure if our boss knows why shes switching but it doesnt seem to me that she does.

    Im probably going to take the 1230-430, because I dont have a choice, and Ill enjoy the minimal hours while im taking 3 classes during the summer. Maybe Ill get lucky and they wont have hired anybody for my hours by the time those 7 weeks are up and I can take my full time shift back come august and just use vacation time for the 3 hours I would need off each week. If not, I guess I could always get another part time job in the morning 8-12. Guess we'll just have to see.
  4. by   god-is-love
    hi, :d

    i am happy that u found some way of coping with this situation just know that u will only come out stronger. use being part-time to your adavntage and emerse yourself into your studies. set yourself apart do some volunteering in your free-time. at the point in nursing u are in u guys are somewhat competators so your goal is to do whatever it takes to stand out and get the slot in the program b4 someone else does. your classmates are applying to the same program you are. those that sacrifice generally are the ones that get admitted and have no problem completing the program. people that don't sacrifice or just make nursing secondary to their job are the ones that have to repeat courses or have a difficult time being admitted. i am speaking from experience and the people surrounding my circle. every1's situation is different, but in my opinion u will be more successful being part-time. your job seems like enough stress with that difficult boss of yours. if possible look for another job that would embrace your educational advancements or even a hospital. your co-worker was smart when she kept quiet so her journey in nursing will probably b easier bc she is able to work full-time, but don't fret bc your situation is not all that bad. eventually they will probably catch on and not allow anyone to take vacations when they feel it is school related. in the meantime u already have your part-time position secure so u won't have to worry about that day. move forward from here don't move back your journey into nursing is just beginning.

    good luck & god bless :heartbeat