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Hello all of my fellow nursing students. Whether your just beginning, taking pre-req's, in the middle of your program or just about to finish up in May.....Give a shout out....let us know how you... Read More

  1. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    What the heck does a weekly schedule for a 21 credit semester look like?
    I'm moping around about having 7 credits and a 30 hour a week job.

    Anyway, I almost didn't get my deposit to hold my seat for the fall program. I paid it on the last day, actually one hour before deadline. Books for the semester will be $650 so I think I'll just start filling a cookie jar right now.

    I got a sweeeeeeeet deal on QVC for a camcorder to do a movie of the labs in AP II. Should get it by mid-week and be able to practice with the software before lab. That stupid cat looks different every time I look at it. My instructor is thrilled to be doing a movie to show each stucture and wants me to contribute a few copies for the library. I'm also going to get footage of the models................I'm pretty excited and I wish I had done this for my first lab back in API. The cat muscles were just the hardest thing I've ever tried to master.
    I'm not going to miss another lab question...............Well except for the slides...............hummmm..........Anybody know what equipment I need to take pictures of the slides?

    I'm still struggling with whether to take Life span during the summer or not.
    I'm on break so I guess I'll get ahead of my class notes. What a relief not to have a deadline for awhile................Pheww!
  2. by   christinemj
    Christine here...

    Not sure when the middle of "my" semester is...so NOW is as good of a time as any.

    All the courses I'm taking are self-paced...or mostly self-paced with varied deadlines. I've already completed 7 credits this semester, and am currently working on 7 others. I have A&P I and Med. Term. still in progress. I just found out last week that my number finally came up to get into the CNA course (required before clinicals) so I might be adding those 3 credits.

    For being a "part-time - only taking classes in my "free" time" student, I somehow came up with a FULL-time schedule! LOL Now how'd that happen?? :chuckle

    I'm carrying A's in everything so far...we'll see how the next round of exams goes before I decide whether or not to add the CNA course.

    part-time student, full-time mom