Microsoft ONENOTE

  1. Do you use it to take notes? I am trying to see how is it better than using Microsoft Word
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  3. by   shoegalRN
    I use it to print things on my laptop that is not connected to a printer and then email it to my school address where I can print it. I don't know how to take notes on it.

    BTW, I hear the summer online Patho class is a little more easier than our Patho class. There are no pre class quizzes, but there is a test just about every week, but it's over only 3 chapters at a time instead of 5-10 chapters. PM me for more info.
  4. by   amyk_ncsu
    I LOVE this program. I use it to study, not actually during class. I retype all of my notes to cement everything in my brain and organize the handouts with my own notes I take in class. I make a tab for each class and then a subtab for each test. So I have all my notes in one little file for all classes for each semester. Its a great reference tool, especially when studying for finals. I love how it makes bulleted lists so easily and you can add pictures and you can move stuff around in the text boxes, and I just love it! I guess you could do the same things with Word, but I always had a difficult time making lists and reorganizing stuff with it. OneNote seems to just do what I want it to right away instead of having to change stuff around and manually type in bullets and things like that. You can also get a free trial for a whole semester, and they came out with a 2007 version recently.
  5. by   SA2BDOCTOR
    I will use then. thank you.