Microbiology study guide??

  1. Hey everyone! Back to school next week, and I will be taking Micro, Developmental Lifespan, and Ethics. My last three prereqs before nursing classes. Anyway, I will be using Fundamentals of Microbiology, by Alcamo. I am wondering if you recomment the study guide??? I have heard horror stories about this class, and I want to be prepared.

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  3. by   nessa1982
    well, I didnt have that book and thier was no study guide available for my micro class but Ive found that study guides are usually helppful. I would buy a used one and use that, if you do buy the study guide make sure you use it! Do all the practice quizes, and stuff and it sould help you.
  4. by   mom2rosebudbaby
    Is this the medical microbiology class? That is what I had to take. If so don't believe all the horror stories you hear. I too had the fear it would be incredibly difficult and it turned out to be very interesting and not all that difficult. One of my tests covered quite a few chapters and I studied but I missed a few more than normal. Barely missed an A in the class but I was happy with a B.
  5. by   ashemson
    Mom2Rose-that's what I had heard from some people also, that it's not that bad. I think it must be the "other" micro class that students take that is really hard. And yes, this is the medical micro. I don't start school until Monday, and I have already read ch. 1 and starting ch2, call me paranoid!!