1. I am in a summer session Microbiology course which means, of course, that everything goes by quickly. I am struggling through this class. I read all of the posting where students make "A's" and "B's" in this class and I can only hope to get a "C." We are studying about metabolism and growth right now and will have a test in a couple of days. I just don't get it! Does it get any easier? I have bought the coloring book and study guide and still don't understand this stuff, especially the chemistry involved. I have always had to work extra hard in the sciences; but find myself getting frustrated and procrastinating my studying because I know that when I look at the book, I'll get lost. I have not taken A&P yet - does this make any difference? Please don't tell me to give up on nursing because that's not what I want to do. I will start the nursing program next month and will be taking A&P I, Nutrition and Nursing Concepts A. I don't want to fail any class so please, please, give me some suggestions. Thank you!!!
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  3. by   jessjoy
    Don't stress so much!! I took Micro last year and it was alot of work but I made it through with an 'A'. Here is what I did... I made flashcards (I still have them, about 5 or 6 hundred I'd say!) Just writing the flashcards got the concept in my head. After I went through them 2 or 3 times I knew them all. Also think of mneumonic devices. www.medicalmneumnonic.com has great devices to help you memorize. I used that site alot for anatomy, I don't know how much Micro they have though. But just memorization won't do it. Make sure you actually understand what you are memorizing. That made retaining the info alot easier for me. I hope this helps. Good luck, I am sure you will do fine!
  4. by   jessjoy
    OOh! I just thougth of something else. Look up the harder concepts on the internet. Alot of schools have their course outline, etc. online and they are soemtimes ALOT easier to understand then the book or your teacher. I did that for the whole diffusion/osmosis thing. Good luck!