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Ahhh, Yes, Microbiology, the name that strikes fear into the hearts of students throughout the world. I am currently taking Micro and I was wondering if anyone else was taking it right now or took... Read More

  1. by   luluann
    I am in Micro this semester also. I am really liking it and it doesn't seem to be as bad as I have heard. The instructor is a riot, she is very funny. She also asks us every class about what is new in the news and then we discuss it. Like the West Nile virus and Chronic wasting disease in our deer herds here in Wisconsin. We have our first test on Tuesday on the lab portion. She won't give a lecture and lab test in the same week so that is a plus since I am taking Anatomy/Physiology 1 this semester too and we all know there is enough studying in that class!