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  1. Hey,
    Has anybody here attended Michigan State's Nursing Program? I have heard from a poster on here thats its not a very good program. However, it is the most desirable program for me because of its location. Also, the website looks well kept, the faculty I've spoken with have been knowledgable and friendly, and they have a medical facility staffed completely with NPs + a doctoral program. How bad can it be? Does anybody have any experiences with MSU?
    Thank you!
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  3. by   Aritchie-loynes
    Hi Lindsay,

    I am a senior nursing student at MSU and I am looking forward to graduating in May! Honestly, I have not been impressed with MSU's program. The majority of the work is "busy work" and is often very overwhelming. However, I think you will experience that anywhere you go. For the most part, the clinical instructors are wonderful and are willing to help you succeed (there are a few bad eggs, though). The positive thing about MSU is that they will help you be a good leader and a professional nurse, not just a "task master" like many associate degree programs. You will not get the hands-on experience that many programs offer, but hands-on opportunities will come with experience. Also, the NCLEX passing rate for the past graduating class was above 98%...this puts MSU in the top 6 in the nation! I have heard wonderful things about Oakland University's nursing program if you are considering others. I hope this helps! Good luck in all your endeavors.