me again!!

  1. hello thx for having replied...well....the city that interests me the most is liverpool or somewhere in Great Britain which has a good actually thinking bout the south part particularly Southampton..
    You told me that i should have cash in hand...for that its ok...but could u tell me the minimum requirement just to get an idea ... and also i would be very grateful to you if u could tell me how the nursing programme works....i mean how much time it will take? is there any exams to take part in?
    huhhh!!! plz wats the minimum age requirement to apply for nursing ?

    thx in advance....
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  3. by   Nat

    I hope that I can be helpful. I am a student nurse studying in Sheffield in the North of England. It is great that you are planning to come here to study.

    The nurse education programmes here have just been reviewed so I can tell you a little about the latest course.

    I am not on this course being a third year student but will do my best.

    There are two options; thee first is a degree programme but as I am not a degree student the most I can tell you is that this programme is 4yrs long and you will come out with a B Med Sci

    The ADNS (advanced diploma in nursing studies) is three yrs long, has the added bonus of a bursary and accepts students in two intakes per year. The new programme involves only two exams both in your first year. The rest is based on your coursework and clinical ability. If you study an extra year on top of this course (topup) you get the B Med Sci. I love My work here, I think you could too. if you want to know more let me know. Nat
  4. by   fulwood
    I unfortunately don't know much about the nursing programs in the UK.But I am from Preston which is not too far away from Liverpool and if I can answer any questions for you regarding life in the North west of England etc. please feel free to ask me.