Mayo Clinic Summer III 2018

  1. Hey everyone!!!

    I am so excited to apply for the Mayo Clinic externship of 2018. I have been dreaming of it since high school.

    Best of luck to everyone who applies. I truly hope that all of the most passionate nurses will get in.

    I started a forum, in case we wanted to talk, and bounce questions off of each other

    All the best xoxo
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  3. by   AspiringCRNA25
    I'm also going to be applying this year! I'm very excited and kind of nervous cause I feel like the chances of getting in are slim due to how competitive it is, but I'm trying to be positive about it!

    I just read the essay question and was relieved yet worried cause I'm running through my brain of the possible things I could say about myself that I want them to know!
  4. by   favefutureRN
    Hey Future Nurse!
    Yes! I really hope they can see the true passion for nursing that I have, through this essay. Do you know what I mean?

    I want them to know how I literally JUMP out of bed at 4:45 in the morning, because I can not wait to go to clinical. Clinical is the best part of my weeks, while most people at my school just complain about it.I just want to work with people who actually care about the patients and everything!

    Good luck, my dear!! I can't wait to (hopefully!!) work with you!
  5. by   Nurse2Bin2018
    Hi everyone! I just created a profile on Mayo's website, and I am incredibly excited. I've been reading past Mayo Internship forms since before I got into nursing school...I can hardly believe it is now time for me to apply! I hope we can all act as a source of information and support as we wait the next 4ish months.

    I don't know about any of you but where I'm from all of our local internship interviews/decisions are made before the end of the semester. It kills me that I have to apply to local internships (cause I know I definitely want to do one somewhere) but knowing I'll reject anything local if I get into Mayo. Anyone else in a similar situation?

    Hope everyone had a good weekend! Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
  6. by   Nurse2Bin2018
    Hi there! I think the essay question will be a blessing in disguise. We can share anything we feel is important without having to stretch what we are saying to fit the prompt. I know they don't list a recommended length for the essays, but I wish they did! I tend to go on and on...haha
  7. by   favefutureRN
    @Nurse2Bin2018! Nice to "meet" you!! I know, It has been my goal since high school and now it is a reality. How incredible is that. Happy that you are applying, too!! I AGREE about the prompt!! I am also a bit nervous about the essay length but, I will see if I can find out and Ill post the answer on here.
  8. by   Nurse2Bin2018
    Hi guys! Just checking in...I haven't worked much on the Mayo application yet, been so busy with school! We've already had our interviews for the internships in town which is crazy. I'm so glad I'll have winter break to work on the Mayo app! I definitely want it to be perfectttt.

    How is everyone's semester going? Hope all is well!!
  9. by   Gblauvelt
    Hey everyone! I was a summer III this past summer and I had the same thoughts as you all are having. It is an amazing experience, and you never know if you will get it until you try. Best of luck to all of you! I truly is the best experience of my life!
  10. by   Futureflightbsn
    Hi future Summer IIIs! I was an extern on the transplant unit this past summer, and like @gblauvelt had the time of my life! Just show Mayo who you are! The staff is beyond exceptional and became family throughout our externship! If you have questions feel free to ask!
  11. by   Daisuke927
    Hi everyone! I will also be applying this year as well! I am so scared yet excited and I wish the best of luck for all of us!
  12. by   Daisuke927
    If you have any free time @Futureflightbsn, would it be alright if I sent you my essay to see how it is?
  13. by   futureCRNA2019
    Hi everyone! I am also applying for the externship! I am nervous because I feel like my gpa might not be competitive enough, but I have done a lot of shadowing in hospitals and just started as a student PCA in the ICU.
    How long are you making your essays?

    Good luck!
  14. by   Futureflightbsn
    Definitely! @daisuke927